Seeking some style Inspiration? Stay glued to this post. We mirrored on the personal style of one of our Favorite style bloggers, best known as PrissyVille. Her style is eclectic, focusing more on high-class styling rather than high-priced clothing. Being Ghanaian,  she enjoys mixing and matching colorful clothing and African prints.  Below are the 10 times this chic style blogger made us reconsider fixing our wardrobe

  1. That time she made us feel this power suit will make us powerful.


2.That time she made us realize that Denim on Denim skirts  isn’t archaic after all! When was the last time you wore one?

3.That time she made us feel our Peplum top needs a bit more  sophistication!7989683_orig


4.That time she made us feel High waist bootcut jeans should definitely feature in our closets!8353350_orig

5.That time she made us fall in love jumpsuits all over again so we are aiming for more jumpsuits in our closets!4719919_orig

6.That time she made us realize work outfits don’t have to be boring! Put that color on girl!5111986_orig

7. That time she reminded us of the famous quote “Less is more”



8. That time she made a maxi dress look so elegant therefore we are saving up for one.4735024_orig9.That time she reminded us to rock that Angelina skirt effortlessly!6046198_orig

10.That time she made us realized that twinning with the baby girl is not only possible but beautiful

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