As much as the brand, CVL BEAUTY is a beauty brand, this year’s bridal campaign aims to highlight and celebrate each vendors creativity and how the vendors work together to compliment each others work to ultimately create beautiful memories and pictures for our brides, that last a lifetime.The CVL BEAUTY Bridal Campaign celebrates the modern bride, infusing culture and personal creativity and style.

Highlighted Trends for 2018 from vendors- 

Makeup – 2018 is all about skin. It is all about beautiful dewy natural makeup looks and the better the skin, the better makeup sits and looks. We will see Brides being put on a skin regimen to treat, repair and prepare their skin months before the big day.

Skin – Highlighting and bronzing and soft contouring with natural looking blush tones that compliment the brides natural skin tone, to define and structure the face.

Lips – Gloss is back. Sultry, full lips are in and we will see trends with colored and tinted lips gloss & clear lip-gloss.

Lashes – Lashes will be fuller but not overpowering. Mink lashes are great to achieve this look.

Brows – Natural looking brows will be big this year and we will see more of the brides natural brow hairs

Hair – Just like skin, brides will need to prepare their hairline and natural hair months before the big day. We will also see more non-structured tight hairstyles, introducing softer curls, loose messy buns, puffy hair and effortless braids.

Gowns– New patterns, colors and threads of woven Kente cloth will be introduced, infused with beads, stones, feathers, elements and crystals while using varied techniques such as boning, corseting, pattern design, et cetera…to flatter the brides. We will see a new Kente trend of subtle woven kente colors & pieces. These can be fused with the Multicolored and bolder kente looks for the brides who don’t want their outfits as colorful but want to infuse culture and their personal style and preference.

Fascinators – We will see more textures, Feathers, Veiling, Beading, Flowers, Leather, and unconventional pieces incorporated to create personalization, symbolism and style for each bride. The fascinators will at best be bespoke to ensure the bride loves each angle and detail on her headpiece.

Your wedding gown can have the best of both worlds. Detachable pieces cut down costs but in the same light, transform a modern conservative ball gown into a sexy reception gown.

Decor- Beautiful soft and earthy tones are in season this year.
White, Off-white, Baby pink, on natural green ascents mimicking nature, grass and plants and wooden chairs and ascents will be a huge trend this year.

Makeup & Hair – @mzl4wson ( CVL BEAUTY)
Gowns – @pistisgh
Fascinator – @Hatboxco.
Photography – @Phloshop
Decor & Set Design @LetsBeseated
Videography – @bryankaydee
Muse @Eulin

Lashes – @shopsinaibeauty
Concept & Direction @Valerieolawson @brandsworthgh

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