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This is our first of many monthly cover stories to come. Quite excited about how the team has contributed to making this a huge success considering all possible shortcomings. Our cover girl is a Ghanaian based model known as Karen. We have closely watched her growth and attitude towards her passion and thus decided to throw the spotlight on her because we believe in her potential of becoming the next big top model from Ghana. Read on to know more about her. In the Sexy and Chic edition, we have put together other stories that are in line with the whole month of love theme. We hope you enjoy this edition as much as we did working on it!. Read on…….

TnB: We know you as Karen Abib but tell us exactly who you are and what we don’t know about you?

K: Well, my name is Karen Abiba Glidoh, I love modeling, fashion, design and art. I love art and beautiful things which feeds my passion for modeling and design.

TnB: How did you get into modeling and how long have you been in the business?

K: I was introduced by a friend and have been in the business for about 4 years now.

TnB: What was your first official commercial gig and runway experience like?

K: My first commercial gig was the project runway show in Ghana, it was a nice experience knowing you are doing something you love for the first time.

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TnB What has been some of your most challenging experience in the industry so far?

K: My most challenging experience will have to be getting paid after doing a modeling job for a client. It is quite difficult sometimes getting same clients to pay after working and also getting a desirable amount.

TnB: Do you model full time? If yes, why if no why?

K: No, because you cannot depend full-time in modeling Ghana. So Aside modelling, I run a side business as well

TnB: Would you say being a model is fun or difficult? Why?

K: It is fun and difficult at the same time. Difficult because you get to work with different people from the globe (Designers, Models, Makeup artist, Stylist, Photographers etc) with different personalities, backgrounds and attitudes which can be very challenging at times. Fashion shows look glamorous to the audience but for us models it is a lot of work, starting with auditioning, rehearsing and showing up on time for all the preparations before the show starts all of that takes a lot of work. Nonetheless it can be fun as well, the chaotic backstage and being on the runway itself is a whole lot of fun. Photo shoots are fun as well because you get to be “glammed”up and just pose for the camera.

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TnB: How do you prepare for a photo shoot?

K: The mirror is my best friend before any shoot and I make sure I have enough sleep the night before the shoot. (Beauty sleep is very important)

TnB: Do you work out at all? If yes, what’s your routine?

K: I do workout about three times a week. I do cardio workouts and squats, sit-ups and stretches, but more importantly I just make sure I eat well and healthy

TnB: Are you signed on to any agency? Tell us more about it.

K: Answer: No I am not signed to any agency, because i don’t believe there is any agency in Ghana that manages models the way they are supposed to be managed.

TnB: If you had one wish that is to be signed on to any international model agency what would it be?

K: Elite model management.

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TnB: What has been your most memorable experience so far?

K: There have been so many so far, it is difficult to select one specific one. I can say meeting some of the wonderful people in the industry has been a great experience.

TnB: Ever suffered rejection in the industry and how did you deal with it?

K: Yes, I have. Modeling comes with lot of rejections, reasons being that there are different types and categories of modeling, which I will not necessarily fit in all. For instance, if a client needs a plus size model and I go to audition, automatically I will be rejected. How I deal with them? Most at times I make sure I fit the requirements they are asking for before I go for the audition. If I am rejected I take it as it is, it does not really bother me because I have already tuned my mind that it is a 50/50 chance that I will get the slot because there are equally good models out there.

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TnB: Your hair is gorgeous, has it been difficult being a model with natural hair? Any setbacks?

K: Well, it’s not every designer who loves to work with natural hair but the majority love natural hair. I think it is actually good I have natural hair because I’m booked mostly because of my hair just to say the least. It sets me apart from the other models because it is almost like how I brand myself and what people remember me for. Setbacks…… it is actually difficult keeping the hair, making sure it is nice, moisturized and styled

TnB: How long have you had your hair and how do you maintain it?

K: I have had my hair for about 5 years now. I make sure I wash it regularly, treat it with some natural hair products and twist it when going to bed.

TnB: Ever felt like quitting modeling? And why

K: NO! Because I love being a model and I don’t see myself quitting anytime soon.

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TnB: If you had one advice for any upcoming model what would it be?

K: I wasn’t too desperate to model or just be on any kind of shows, I trained and here I am today. Modeling takes extreme dedication, you have to love it to make it work.

What’s the future like for you?

Answer: The future looks very bright and great! looking forward to more exciting challenges and definitely more money lol…





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