3 Reasons you should not go shopping when you are upset

So you had a bad day at work or you are upset about something.  Ideally, you would want to do something to lighten up your mood.  Shopping? Not exactly the best idea if you ask me. This is something that most people do and experts have advised against it. In psychology, there is the urge to release repressed feelings in order to  feel better. This is known as Cartharsis. Thus, some people consider shopping as a means of emotional relieve.  Shopping is associated with a joyous moment where people get things they need or find a gift for a loved one. However ,some people tend to go shopping when they are angry.

Check out 3 reasons you should not shop when you are angry.

1. You may end up spending beyond your budget.

Going shopping when you are angry may have dire consequences on your pocket.

2. You may buy things you may not need.

Being in an angry mood is definitely not being yourself.  On normal days,  you may walk  through the mall to buy clothes  or items you need. When you are upset, you may engage in impulsive buying. Research has shown that many people who engage in impulsive buying usually get things they may not need later.

3. It could become a habit

Impulsive shopping could become a habit which is difficult to correct. Shopping anytime you feel stressed can easily become a habit.  You can talk to someone like a friend or psychologist anytime you are angry . Also, you could take a walk alone or with some friends or probably watch a movie. This will save you from regretting the choices you make from impulsive shopping.





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