Hair bonnets have become an important hair accessory in recent times. A hair bonnet or turban is a cap that is worn to protect the hair when sleeping. Well, hair bonnets existed several years ago but they have become common now.  Aside from these hair bonnets being stylish and comfortable, they have myriad uses. Hair bonnets are mostly from satin and silk. Now, some of these bonnets and turbans are even made with African print fabrics. If you do not own a bonnet you may want to consider getting one since it will save you from a lot of hair troubles.

Here are 3 Reasons you should own a Hair Bonnet

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1. It prevents tangling and minimizes frizz

Wearing a bonnet before going to bed protects your hair from tangles and knots. Due to sleep friction, your hair can easily become frizzy. This may lead to split ends that ultimately result in hair loss.

2. It keeps your hairstyle intact

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When sleeping, you are likely to toss and turn. That’s why you need a hair bonnet. Going to bed without covering your hair may leave you with messy hair every morning. Wearing a bonnet helps to protect your hair and prolong the life span of your hairstyle. If you have a busy schedule, it will save you time in the mornings as you do not always have to style your hair every day.

3. It keeps your hair hydrated

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Going to bed without a hair bonnet leads to the absorption of moisture by the pillow case or bed. This in a long run can cause dry hair. Get a satin or silk bonnet to retain moisture in your hair throughout the night. Also wearing a bonnet helps to retain hair products such as conditioners, serum, oil, and hair cream and prevents them from soiling or staining your bedspread.






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