There once lived a great warrior and hunter called Tohazie (The Red Hunter). While on a hunting

expedition, he came across a village and was received by a frail old lady. This old lady provided Tohazie

with everything he need but water. She explained that their only source of water had been invaded by a

wild bull, believed to be a spirit which killed anyone who ventured to fetch water from the watering

Out of pity for the inhabitants, The Red Hunter mastered courage and resorting to his hunting prowess

he attacked the evil bull and beheaded it.

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The villagers were exceedingly grateful and the chief, in his gratitude, decided to honor Tohazie with a

Descendants of this great warrior Tohazie (the Dagombas), occupy the northern region of Ghana. With a

very rich culture, Dagombas are known for their breathtaking dances and the strong sense of fashion.

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The Batakari or fugu, a plaid shirt similar to the Dashiki is one of their traditional outfits made of hand

loomed stripes joined together by hand or machine. In this collection, we used this plaid fabric together

with other fabrics to create modern fashion pieces for the Atto Tetteh man

Tohazie(The Red Hunter), a collection inspired by STRENGTH, COURAGE AND EMPATHY.

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