Style requires a dose of inspiration. Irrespective of your affinity for fashion, being trendy, looking good and remaining stylish at all times can be an unnerving experience. Take a look at five of my favourite fashion and beauty apps ranging from style inspiration to online shopping.

Tress App for Hair

Tress is the ultimate go to for black hairstyle inspiration. Tress is a social community app created for black women to share and discover beautiful hairstyles. Very often ladies inquire about details of hairstyles from each other. Tress makes this valuable hair information easily accessible to ladies.

On Tress, users can upload photos of their hairstyles, give details of the hairstylist, salon, the products or extensions used and cost.

Download TressApp from the Google play store.



If you ‘shoes’ to live, think Stylect. Stylect is a virtual room full of shoes. Stylect assembles shoes from different e­commerce shops and prides itself on having over 300,000 shoes from 10,000 brands and a hundred retailers.

Various types of shoes such as heels, flats, sandals, boots and sneakers can be found on Stylect. The app makes recommendations to users based on their preferences. And they offer some great discounts too. Stylect is available on both the web and on mobile.Your online shop shopping just got easy.

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Pinterest is the hub of inspiration. Discover ideas and be inspired on how to plan your look from head to toe. Pinterest gives you access to a plethora of images and the opportunity to collect your favourites on different topics ranging from fashion to food. The language of Pinterest includes pins and boards. The boards are collections with titles, where photos are either uploaded or saved otherwise known as pinned.

Join other fashion bloggers on Pinterest and pin your way to style. Available on web and mobile.

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Ladies, this was specially designed for you. OncenOut is a community marketplace that helps women buy, sell and donate pre­owned fashion items without hassle. It gives women the opportunity to sell their gently used fashion items to other women anonymously. List your fashion items on OncenOut, share your once loved items with other ladies and make some money off it. And for that special event, shop on OncenOut and get goods delivered to your doorstep.Plus, this is proudly Ghanaian.



Polyvore allows people to discover trends and styles and purchase items online. On Polyvore, users get to create fashion collages from fashion items listed and share or publish them to others. The fashion items come with details of price and brands so you can go ahead to buy them on the app. Although items listed on Polyvore are generally pricey, some are affordable. Window shopping on Polyvore is fun. Use
Polyvore to create complete trendy outfits for different occasions. Follow popular creators,view their fashion collages and be inspired by their fashion sense. Polyvore is available on mobile and web.


Mary Dzifa Mensah

Software Entrepreneur, Content Creator and Singer