Ellisha BoiE is a creative genius, a strong believer of God, a fashion designer and most importantly a Celebrity Merchandise Maker. He describes himself as “a guy determined to push African fashion and art beyond boundaries, never experienced and appreciated by Africa and the world by thinking outside the box”.
We had a chit chat with him to find out more about him and his brand.

TnbGh: Your style in unique! Can you recount how it all started?

BoiE: First of all  I believe it’s God’s original plan for my life. I come from a house of designers and very stylish people, my Mom is a fashion designer as well as my Aunties and this had a great effect on me. Also, growing up I had an opportunity to read or let me say flip through so many magazines on fashion, architecture, home decorations, watch movies, played with so many toys of various shapes and sizes. I believe all of these influenced me to have so many unique and crazy ideas I want to establish and what we are currently doing now is just 1% of it. 13643492_627150464120759_1331438489_n

TnbGh: African print Jackets & Emojis, how did you come up with this mix?

BoiE: So the African print jackets, emoji sweatshirts and crop tops was a project I embarked on with my brother Calvin Bill a musician and fashion designer under the brand name “BOiE&Bill. The mix came about as a result of our love for western clothes and African prints and creating an outfit which best suits both worlds. And transcending both worlds have been the main theme in every piece we release, from making African prints jerseys for the Fokn bois, Wiyaala, customizing dashiki jerseys for singer Raquel and then we arriving at the Emojis.


TnbGH: What do you do to stay creative?

BoiE: First I pray to God to give me more creative ideas, I also keep myself up to date with what is trending in the fashion world on all social media platforms and explore other avenues of interest apart from fashion, architecture, art, movies, music and many more.


TnbGH: We’ve noticed Wiyala rocking some of your pieces, do tell us about working with her.

BoiE: So I was contracted initially by her manager Mr. John Sherran to work on a customized African print jersey for Wiyaala after meeting at an event and showing them my collection. So I did the first piece which received massive attention and praise all over and since then we have been good friends and collaborated on several projects one being her upcoming Merchandise t-shirts. Wiyaala is a hardworking, and I mean hard working woman, confident, very kind, funny and working with her she allows you to be creative because she is someone who is willing to experiment with clothes. I will always appreciate and thank her for the opportunities she has given me.


TnbGh: How has business been, since you begun? Have there been returns on investments yet?

BoiE: Business has been very good, the attention has been massive all over, our clothing line especially the emojis and the African print jerseys have been ordered for and delivered to about 10 African countries and in some European countries and America. We haven’t invested large in the business yet but the percentage of investment we made so far has been profitable.


TnbGH: Aside jackets, what else do you make?

BoiE: From our first collection to this current collection, we have done African print jerseys for celebrities like the Fokn bois, done Dashiki graphic shirts and dashiki hoodie jerseys for Singer Raquel, exhibited wedding gowns with a fusion of  African print in France, we have the Emoji African print crop top, sweatshirts, pants,t-shirts, done short fashion  films. Like I stated earlier, what we are doing now is just 1% of what we plan doing and there are so many amazing, new and never before seen collections we will be presenting over time.


Tnbgh: What one quote keeps you motivated?

BoiE : Do it. Whatever creative idea God gives us, we just do it. I believe in doing it, working on your ideas everyday, connecting with the right people, just do it you don’t need the approval of the whole world as to whether is going to work or not, if it doesn’t work at that moment, I just look at it in way like a lot of people don’t get it but in the future they will…so I just do it.



Tnbgh:  What has been some of your challenges and how have you overcome them?

BoiE: So one of the challenges we face as a brand is copycat issues, because our clothing lines are mostly new and comes with new concepts on the market we get a lot of people trying to imitate  our products. We overcame the this issue by registering our company and its products and also we tried to dominate on social networks with our products.

Also another challenge is the  highly innovative and unique nature of our products. Though it might not sound really like a challenge a lot of consumers have a hard time trying on new and unique products for sometimes fear of being odd. Tthrough our fashion shows, photoshoots, short films we depict how our clothes should be worn and also shows people of different shapes and sizes wearing them which makes consumers feel at ease to want to wear them.


TnbGh: What is success to you?

BoiE:Success in my perspective, means leaving a positive legacy for generations. True success to me means having a greater Godly impact on generations to come as well as a leaving a legacy which will impact generations .


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