Hey! Hey! Im just popping in to highlight on 4 major tips that would guide you to having a cohesive wardrobe and also “up your style game”

° Begin With Basics:  Its just like building a house , after acquiring a land you just don’t build but first you lay a foundation . Yes !! Basics are the foundation in your wardrobe / closet and one can not by pass them. For the starter you need ;

At least 4 or more oxford white shirts . Navy black tailored trousers Black tailored pants Grey tailored pants ( Charcoal / Heater ) Brown / Coffee brown tailored trousers White pants Khaki / Chino pants #Tip : Try and purchase a wardrobe or get a carpenter to construct one for you according to your budget. When you have a wardrobe it helps you to know what you have , what you don’t have and what you must have in your wardrobe.


° Know Your Colors: Now you have your basics the next thing is to know your colors thus you have to know which color compliments your skin or what color plays off another. Lets throwback to KG where we learnt about the color wheel Primary colors , Secondary colors , Tertiary colors , Complimentary colors etc. Its now time to apply that knowledge and once you all of these it becomes really easy to co-ordinate outfits with different colors / shades . ° Revamp Your Wardrobe Please I’m not trying to say throw away all your clothes . #Jokes All I’m trying to say now you have your basics , and you know you colors so its about time to shop for clothes or items that match up or compliment the pieces you already have in your wardrobe. At this stage you can begin to shop your blazers suits and so on…

° Practice and Experiment: Now its about time to get creative and match up clothes / pieces in your wardrobe to get the best looks. As you keep practicing you’ll definitely become perfect with time.

So guys that’s all for now next post coming soon. Image Credits : Thescotteffect ( Blake Scott )



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