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I know what you’re thinking and yes, I am serious about this. After so many uncountable encounters with “area seamstresses”, I have decided to share these common traits I think they all possess. Amidst all these frustrations we simply can’t do without them. We are sometimes as helpless as kids who need candy. I might have missed a trait but feel free to add on in the comment section.

1. They never get the concept unless you show them a photo – Oh yes! never go to your area seamstress without a picture of what you want. You may spend over 20 minutes explaining the concept to them yet the expression on their faces will tell you they don’t get it. Show them a picture and magically they will get it! 

2. They always sort of waste the fabric – have you ever handed over a two yard fabric to your seamstress to make you a skirt or a top? Ever noticed that facial expression which reads “This girl must be joking!  What can two yards do?” Hahah let’s rewind! even with two or three yards of fabric you will notice how bulky the skirt or top is after it’s finally done. Yes…. yes they make room for those of us who have inconsistencies with our weight  but still that allowance can make be made into a simple baby outfit. (just jokes but a little truth in here) 

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3. They end up blessing you with a whole new different design – I know you can relate. Just last month I gave my fabric to my “Ashiyie” seamstress with all hopes of receiving a chic peplum top. I haven’t been able to come to terms with the outcome, I’m saddened every time I take a glance at the top. After showing them exactly what you want or have in mind they will bless you with what they think will look better on you!  What was your best way of dealing with this issue? Share with me please. 
4. They make you believe your style is really simple for them to sew – It is an undeniable fact that their confidence level is on fleek! Double fleek actually. With phrases like “no problem I’ll it”or  “it’s so easy” (In the local language) their confidence level is admirable, one thing some of us can learn from them.

5. They don’t deliver on timelines: After discussing the style it’s now time for timelines. Unless I need it urgently I usually let them give me a date they are comfortable with. IE) within a week or two yet still they disappoint. What hurts most is going to their  shop on that day they promised to deliver only to notice your fabric has been cut out into small pieces therefore making it difficult to reclaim the fabric. That pain can be compared to someone eating that jollof you were saving for the next day! Laugh out loud! There’s nothing you can do about it than to wait till they are ready for you!

These seamstresses eh? We can’t do without them because the current state of the economy won’t allow us to buy from some of the Ghanaian designers all the time.
These Seamstresses maybe our only hope in trying times but still we will survive!

What are your thoughts about these traits? Do you agree? Kindly let me know in the comments section.

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