Lipsticks are a woman’s favorite product in makeup. Most women would pick a lipstick over a foundation or a powder any day, why? Because we feel confident in it.  As a makeup artist, I have met a lot of dark women who express their dislike for red lipstick and the reason is pretty simple and is almost the same with all the different women I work on…”I DON’T LOOK GOOD IN RED LIPSTICK”  This however is not the case!  The actual reason most dark women feel they do not look good in red lipstick is because they do not use the shade of red which best compliments their skin tone… I have rounded up some awesome red lipstick shades below!


4c9b8e3dc9d76be17a23e0c957a02961BURDUNDY RED: This color looks dark

This shade of red is my personal favorite. Burdundy red looks amazing on dark women during the day, therefore one can easily rock this to a day event i.e. a beach party, girls’ day out or a casual date. This is especially great for women with thick lips as it makes the lips look smaller.








MAC-Dita-Von-Teese-matte-lipstick-review-830x851TOMATO RED:  This red is the true red

Tomato red looks flawless on dark women. This is the most comfortable red color for women of all colors especially dark women. Anyone can pull of this color. For the corporate woman, this is the best shade of red for work. It is elegant yet sexy and can be worn during a busy weekday or fun weekend.







21WI0TMspDLWINE RED: This is a more subtle shade of burgundy

Another red lipstick that can be worn by black women is the wine color. This color is bold yet sassy, and the best part of it is that, for women with thin lips it makes the lips appear plum…Yes!  It can be worn at all times i.e. for formal or informal events, during the day time or at night. This color draws attention because of its unique touch on anyone who wears it.






mac-so-chaud1ORANGE RED: This is the red shade with an orange undertone

This shade of red is popularly known as “lady danger” by mac cosmetics, it is a perfect shade of red for dark women especially at night, and it is the right color to make a dark woman pop at night. Also, orange red makes thin lips look bigger and for women with thicker or wider lips who would love this color, it is advisable to line your lips with a burgundy shade pencil on the outer part of the lip and adding this to the inner part to create the ombre effect for a  flawless look.





BRIGHT RED: This shade of red is a little brighter than the tomato red. Bright red is beautiful because it can be worn at any time of the day and by any skin tone. This color, depending on the brand of lipstick may have a bit of pink undertone in it, however the brightness in the red still holds. For dark women, this color is very elegant and goes a long way to affect the look be it on a casual date or a formal event you will still achieve the elegance you need.





Writer: Alice Lamisi Awuni

(Resident Makeup Artist)



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