Hey guys I hope we are all doing well and most importantly safe? The rains have set in and it hasn’t been easy already. Unfortunately it’s rainy season and there will be more rains for a while therefore, let’s all be on our guard. To everyone who was affected by the rain my prayers are with you. 

I have compiled 5 basic outfit these ideas via Pinterest for any rainy day and I hope it guides you to what exactly you would want to put together for the season. These ideas are for individuals who work in more casual environments.
Substitute trench coat
for oversized sweater or a blazer!

Dont let the rainy days stop you from adding a pop of color to your outfit, so whether its the accessory or top you can always make that colorful. You will realize from the outfit ideas that rain boots are included, well i think it’s not bad to wear rainboots for a rainy day but considering the nature of our roads? heels and sandals are no no! 

However, in absence of rain boots how about sneakers? yes try to pair  your outfits with sneakers instead of sandals because i think sneakers are more comfortable to wear.

 Feeling comfortable should be  your top most  priority in this season but most importantly stay safe. Move to a higher ground when you realize your current location is prone to flooding, find a comfortable spot to shield yourself from rain till it stops and finally listen to weather reports. 

Stay Safe guys!X

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