Hi everyone, hope you all enjoyed the Christmas and New Year holidays. ……Well I had to take a break to  write my exams but I am back, I have missed a lot and I know you all have  missed reading posts from me too.
For my first post I decided to be a bit personal, share something intimate from me to you.
We all have things we suck at doing, when it comes to fashion, yah I know I do! And you will be amazed to read them. I will just start with 5 things for now and as time goes on I will release the rest
1. I just can’t make decisions when it comes to choosing my hairstyle. YES I AM INDECISIVE when it comes to that. I keep on asking friends or looking into magazines and when it’s time to have it on, I change my mind AGAIN! At the moment i have fixed a weave, but I’m keeping my natural hair, but due to the pain i am thinking of perming it at the same time , I’m thinking its actually cool to have the natural hair on!this shows how confused i am when it comes to choosing the right hairstyle  Dear readers I would need a little advice here.

2.Wearing short skirts: short skirts, short skirts, short skirts! When will I? That’s one question I keep asking my self. Well, I don’t wear short skirts beyond my room. It’s a bit weird but that’s the truth. I see girls in body con skirts and I wonder when I’ll have the courage to wear it to the mall or some party.i may try one of these days to wear 1 but i’m still not certain about the outcome …..fingers crossed , i will try to post a photo on the blog if i do .


3.Heels: hahaha, I know its funny but that’s the truth, I suck at wearing those eye catching  6-10 inches heels to anywhere! The problem may be I think too much about comfort and overlook the Ghanaian slogan “beauty is pain”. I’ll prefer flats to heels but I hope to work on it this year, I need some height at times, considering how short I am.


4.  Hoop earrings and bangles: for this I think its just too bad, I really suck at wearing those huge earrings and bangles and once again I blame it on “comfort”, I just do things to keep me in my comfort zone but sometimes steeping out of my comfort zone maybe the only way to explore!!!!

5. Finally, I don’t have the courage to put on red lipstick, I just put it on for photo shoots but not able to put it on to work or church or the mall. I think I need to work on that too.just watch out for the red lipstick Naa Adjeley.. lol

These are SOME UGLY TRUTHS about me i thought i should share!everyone has one or two or maybe 5…… Just comment or email me on and lets talk about it .

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