Woohoo hoo hoo, it’s almost that time of the year, a time to give and receive and this time we would like to be on the receiving end for once. We have put together a wishlist guide for us here at trendsndblendsgh hoping to receive these from you our cherished readers, family members and individuals who just respect the hustle and are interested in the brand’s growth. Fingers crossed to receiving these soon.
1. Sony Alpha a7R II Mirrorless Digital Camera.

Details about this on
You are aware of what we do at Trendsnblendsgh and we would love to get into more video content in 2018. We believe this will help us in achieving our video content goals and we will be grateful to have this!!!!!

2. Alternatively, Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR Camera:
We could do with this type alternatively. Still for our video content production and other photography productions.

3. Books:
We would love to update our library section with some amazing books. We want to broaden our knowledge base and horizons. please see the list of books below.
1. Brand Management Strategies: Luxury and Mass Markets (William D’Arienzo )

2.The Smart Money woman (Arese Ugwu).

3. Basics Fashion Management: PR and Marketing:Communicating in the digital age (Gwyneth Moore)

4. Business Development for Dummies.

Any other books you think would benefit us.

4. Makeup and Beauty Products:
Our team would be happy to receive beauty and makeup products from you especially brands based in Ghana. so if you’re a startup brand or an existing brand, (skincare, haircare, makeup brands) we look forward to receiving a box of goodies from you all. CC Eya naturals, Naya naturals, Zabri naturals, hello Kaeme, we naturals, Evita joseph beauty, Yoshe cosmetics, Zaron cosmetics etc.

5. Its all up to you, whatever you want to give we would gladly receive.
Thank you in Advance

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