Writer: Naa Ashiorkor

Donkomi oooh! Donkomi!! Donkomi oooh Donkomi! In Ghana, people usually go to Kantamanto popularly called “Kant” and other areas in Accra very early in the morning to the thrift shop. It is an uphill task. The earlier in the day you go the better so you get the best selection, also known as “first sele”. The prices of these clothes are relatively cheaper than those sold in shops. These clothes are either pre-owned/slightly-used/store-rejected. Want an easier way to thrift shop? Want to avoid the hustle and bustle involved in thrift shopping? Then, online thrift shopping is for you.

There is an easier way to thrift shop now. Online thrift shops are on the rise in Ghana. Slightly- used quality items are usually sold but also new items are sold by some online thrift shops. A thrift shop or thrift store is a shop that sells used goods cheaply. The owners of these online shops usually use Instagram or WhatsApp or online store creation applications to advertise their goods. A variety of goods are sold –  from clothes to shoes to paintings to bags, etc. Mostly the details of each item are displayed, for instance, the size, price, etc. Orders are placed through WhatsApp or Instagram direct messaging. The first to place the order and pay gets the item. This is more like the one with the fastest fingers wins. Payment is usually done using mobile money. Delivery services are available at a cost. Most online thrift shops have a particular day & time they post items that are for sale. Items sold bear the inscription sold.

The beauty of thrift shopping is that people barely realize that you bought from a thrift shop. So, Let’s get thrift shopping, mix-and-match and slay!

Ps: We love their selections but girl you need to keep your notification button turn on for these accounts because it gets sold before you can blink twice.

Check out some of our fav online thrift shops below:

  1. Duafethriftfinds: they’ve got some pretty cool selections.
  2. Ntare_gh: Who said affordable? Yup yup
  3. The Negostation:
  4. Thrift and trend:
  5. Thrift and dimes:
  6. Trendsonline: 
  7. Vintage by Kenya

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