Its almost about that time of the year with all the night and red carpet events and we all want to look our best but before we start a shout out goes to all the ladies doing it right on the red carpet to be honest they are taking charge but I believe after this article couple of things will change to something better as regards to the  men so quickly let’s begin;



  • The Tuxedo Is Always a Perfect Idea: One thing you must bear in mind is the tuxedo is always red carpet appropriate and it sets away the men from boys so whenever you are in doubt wear a tuxedo. It actually represents class and luxury





  • Fit Is Key: I’m keen on this one and its pretty self-explanatory, there is nothing sexier than having your tuxedo tailored to fit that being said I don’t mean you should fit it too tight. You are going to a red carpet event but to bounce at a club , it should be flattering not too tight, not to loose.




  • Color Is Fine : Standing out isn’t a bad idea and we all know that when it comes to red carpet events we usually see a lot of black and navy blue tuxedo unless its stated on the invitation as a strictly black tie event then you really have to take some risk just to set yourself apart from the rest . Trying out some colors like royal blue , royal purple , olive green , red or even burgundy with a 3 or 4 inch peak lapel is actually a statement , be daring guys try out some colors.




  • Go The Extra Mile But Don’t Over Do Things : This is where you pay attention to details and yes go the extra mile but do not over do things , it becomes boring when you wear just tuxedo without spicing it up though the tuxedo itself is a statement but a little tweak to your outfit elevates the look.



There are a lot options to choose from you can try the cummerbund , the suspenders or even just with the type of fabric you choose for your tuxedo , you can  try out amazing fabrics like the damask and jacquard or even velvet to make a statement. I won’t forget the white linen pocket square it finishes off the look in thousand folds and for the watch lovers get something simple not too bulky so it won’t steal the show from your outfit



  • Wear The Appropriate Shoes : Wear the appropriate shoe it’s a red carpet event which qualifies for a formal event and when we say ‘’formal’’ then the oxford or Lace up- Richelieu must come into your mind . No sneakers or brogues allowed for its classified as a casual shoe but I will however approve the double monk strap , cap-toe balmorals or the whole- cut are all great and even badder when it comes in patent leather.







  • Spritz Of Cologne A Selfie And A Smile : You are never fully dressed without spritz of your signature perfume/cologne/oud it’s a conversation starter so please find something that works for you and of course taking a selfie for the “GRAM”. Actually fashion as we all know goes beyond just the clothes and I’m sure you are also never fully dressed with a smile and that alone boost and shows how approachable your are , so guys that’s it for today step out in style.






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