7 Essentials to survive the Harmattan season with.

The Harmattan season is not exactly anyone’s favourite . It comes with its own issues like battling with flu, chapped lips, dry skin and fluctuating temperature. With the harmattan happening in conjunction with Covid its best to keep safe .

Here are 7 essentials to help survive the Harmattan 


It is normal to get thirsty often during period. Dehydration is a common problem that may arise.It is however important to stay hydrated . Due to the high temperature in the afternoons one tends to loose water from the body through sweat. You have to rehydrate to keep active, energetic and healthy throughout the day

2.Shea Butter

This is a must have this season! Shea butter makes the harmattan more bearable .It aids in moisturizing your skin while soothing it. Applying shea butter on your body saves against dry and flaky skin. Another added benefit is that it contains antioxidants that have anti aging properties.

3.Lip Balm

Chapped lips is a common feature in this period. It is very uncomfortable and in some cases may cause blisters and even bleeding. Spare yourself the trouble. Get a lip balm and keep it close to you. You can always touch up when you feel the need to. In addition, some lip balms have a fair amount of SPF that protects the lips from the sun rays.


Owning a moisturizer will protect you from a lot of skin problems in this season. It helps prevent dryness and also protects your skin against the UV rays.

5. Nose Masks and Sanitizer

The Harmattan clashing with Covid is something else. It’s advisable to adhere to all the safety protocols . Put on your nose mask as often as possible and sanitize often. The nose mask also protects you from inhaling dust particles.

6.Vitamin C

Flu is common in this season because of a lot of dust particles in the air and also unstable temperature. It’s advisable to take your Vitamin C to boost your immune system .

7.Sun Glasses

Isn’t this the best time to look swanky while protecting you eyes. You certainly need your sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harsh sun rays and dust particles.

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