Hi Beauty bugs! In this month of July which happens to be our beauty month, we have put together a number of Ghanaian beauty brands we are totally obsessing over. FYI! We will be super stoked to have these on our beauty desk as well 🙂 so brand owners make it happen.

1. Skin Gourmet Baobab Sugar Scrub
Well, we’ve seen all of this brand’s organic products but are personally drawn towards the brand because of their pure and wild organic ingredients, we really can’t wait to lay our hands on it especially their sugar scrub. We are certain it will work wonders on our skin here at trendsnblendsgh.

2. Yoshe Cosmetics “Favy eyeshadow palate”
Yoshe is a Ghanaian beauty brand. We love the perfect choice of neutral tones and bold shades in one palate it’s our ultimate go-to makeup palate for every makeup lover out there. We certainly would love to give it a try too.


3. WE Natural Hair care range
For our naturalistas we’ve had our eyes on these products for a while and we think it’s the Well, from all the fabulous reviews as well, we know that there’s always a We naturals product present in any naturalista’s hair care kit.

4. Evita Joseph Expert Brow Liner:
This has been around for a while and we see its miraculous work on the brows, we definitely need to have this on our beauty desk as well. We love it and know you will too and oh this is also a Ghanaian brand.


5. Freya Restore Kit: Mine oh mine, this made it to our beauty desk too. This restore kit looks perfect from a distance and we can tell it works magic on the skin. This is also made in Ghana as well with natural ingredients very gentle on the pockets too:)


6. So Ultra Foundation by So Aesthetics: since it’s launch we’ve been drooling over this products. The shades are perfect and made exactly for us. Who else can’t wait to have it in their make up kits?


7. Serwaa Akoto Naturals: Guys, this brand makes natural hair products. We love their peppermint shampoo and conditioner most importantly. Conditioner works magic on a typical 4c hair, it’s our prescribed conditioner for anyone struggling with thick hair.

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What Products are you currently obsessing over? share with us in the comment section below.

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