There is a position titled Operations Manager that requires you to work for 365 days a year, 24 Hours in a day, 7 days a week. This job doesn’t give you any time out, no time to eat, no time to rest and this job doesn’t pay. This position is inhumane and I guess you wouldn’t want to take up that position. However there billions of people who hold that position and they are our Moms!  Mothers are special; from conception till birth, they live their lives counting each day as blessing and thanking God for having you. It’s the prayers of a mother that keeps you going, her unconditional love relives you of every sorrow, heartache and pain. She’s always there in good times and bad times. Mothers are truly special and deserve to be celebrated. I have put together in this post eight perfect gift ideas for this Mother’s Day season incase you still don’t know what to give her this Mother’s Day.

1. Wax print: Our mothers can’t do without their Kaba and slits for church service, how about you add more to what they already have? You can get her a full or half piece from Gtp, Woodin, Vlisco, Daviva etc. I am sure she will add it to her collection of wax prints in her suitcase! Or immediately drop it off at the seamstress’ shop nearby. Our mothers always know best. Neatly wrap the Wax print and if possible add a personal handwritten message to it!

2.Bags/Clutches: Marriage ceremonies, Naming ceremonies, Church services, regular workdays amongst other events either requires a handbag or a clutch! How about getting her one of those African inspired Bags or clutches to add some variety to what she already owns? Once again it has to be neatly wrapped and but should come along with a personal handwritten message (remember she needs to keep up with your handwriting).

3.Jewelry: Every girl has once borrowed jewelry from her mom sometime in the past now is the perfect time to give back. You can get her brooches, rings, earrings, bracelets either made out metal or beads. Guys are not excluded from this, I’m sure you know what your mom loves best! Gold necklaces won’t be bad! Neither will beaded necklaces.

 4.Cake: Cakes, Cakes, and Cakes! I can’t emphasize enough! Cakes are a big deal people. I have met a couple of people who do not see how significant a cake is, well its important you get mommy a cake once a while. There are so many yummy cakes around just place an order or walk straight to the shop to buy one for mommy or bake one for her and watch her expression! I wont say much about this.

5.Perfumes: A new fragrance to spice up her old collection if she’s a perfume lover is not a bad idea. If she’s not a perfume lover, I think you can still get her one for starts! NB: if you turn her into a perfume Lover, make sure you keep up.

6.Spa treat: Pamper your mom! I don’t know how many spas will be opened on a Sunday? But you could take her to one tomorrow. She must enjoy a full body massage, facial, pedicure and manicure.  There are mother’s day promos running in the various Spas, try and get hold of one and enjoy their offers. Treat her like your queen and your Jollof rice will be always assured.

7.Time: This is a priceless gift you can give your mom. When was the last time you paid her a visit? When was the last time you spent an hour with her just talking about nothing serious.  Sometimes phone calls are just not enough. This mothers day, you should try to pay her a visit, go to church with her just like old times, Spend some quality time with her at home with the grandchildren if any.  Remember, Someone somewhere will give up anything just to have a 20 mins chat with his /her mom. Spend quality time with her no Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc, all that can come later. For just an hour devote it to listening to your mom!

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