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Kiitana has got us covered. Christmas is only a month away and we can bet plans are already underway to look good this season.  Girls are thinking about what hairstyle could pass for the holiday season whiles guys will always be guys (not bothered) unless they are purposely grooming and growing beard to join the certified beard gang club. Well, Ladies!!! We’ve got you covered. To make your brainstorming process a little stress free we put together 9 hairstyle ideas from our favorite hair and beauty and blogger Kiitana. Scroll through, enjoy and make your pick!

About Kiitana

She loves fashion, big hair, comfortable hotel robes, traveling and taking pictures.
She’s a huge fan of DIY projects, trying out new recipes and reading books from the NY times best sellers list.Her friends would probably say She owns way too many clothes, but she believes there’s no such thing. She loves being with friends, but her favorite nights are spent drinking green tea and watching old movies on Netflix.


1. Crochet Hair with Outre:

We love this Hair, Gives you a very lush look yet room to be versatile. It can be curled, braided etc and because it’s Outre, hot water setting is allowed! Just make sure it never gets tangled.

2.Pixie Cut:

All hail short hair! All hail Pixie cuts. Because everyone might be in long hair this season, you may want to consider this option. Thank us later 

3.Crochet Faux locs:

For starters she’s the queen of crochet hair! We love this simple yet natural look. This style is for ladies who won’t mind having faux locs because permanent one is too much of a risk to take.

4. Crochet Curls:

We love this curled crochet hair! This hairstyle can achieve with the soft kinky hair as well! Get it girl! 


5. Ombre Curls:

This is another Hair banger we are in love with! Give this ombre hair trend and chance and let us know how it goes.

6. Big hair Don’t care:

Big hair don’t care is definitely trending. The trick to rocking this look is to have it in a wig cap form where you can take it out and put it back on, easy! Can be achieved with both synthetic or human hair.

7. Havana Jumbo twist (crochet):

Havana mumbo twist could be another hairstyle to discover for that individual who wants to keep it simple.

8. Loosebraids:

Loose braids have and will always been the Ish! This is the crochet braid style. Very light weight and quite easy to maintain.



Cleopatra inspired bangs are “bae” This style is also pretty chic! would you rather want this?

 Congratulations! We hope you found one style and guess what?

You have the permission to be obsessed with her!

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