The likes of GTP, ATL, Printex, Woodin  etc were wax prints that were specially worn during traditional African ceremonies such as durbars, baby naming, marriage and funeral ceremonies. That was the only period we would see people displaying these beautiful prints to the world.

An individual’s ability to own a piece of wax print also portrayed ones wealth. It suddenly went out of vogue due to varied reasons. One reason that saw the decline of the use of these prints is the influence of western style of clothing in Africa (modernization). However, its sudden resurgence has brought about a wind of change and Africanism in many citizens who have accepted African prints in the fashion industry.
What are African prints been used for currently? Well let me start by mentioning just a few. It has moved beyond the usual khaba-and-slit to the creation of beautiful dresses, trousers, shorts, tops, shirts, shoes, slippers, sandals, heels, bags, clutches, earrings and many more.

The wind of resurgence also came with very innovative indigenous designers. In recent times the Ghanaian fashion industry has been exposed to a lot of creative designers like Duaba Serwaa, Kennedy Nana Ansah of Afri-ken novelty, Aya Morrison, Sarah Christian, Nathaniel Nunoo of Nuna couture, Mabel Simpson of Msimps and others who come out with different concepts when it comes to the use of the African prints and therefore has helped to revive the Ghanaian Fashion industry.
When it is time for that special event, the urge to show off what one has got is priority. People rush in for assorted fabrics and turn them into bespoke designs which attract a lot of attention. Whilst the ladies are showing off their clutches or skimpy designed dresses, Guys are also showing off their custom made shirts, shorts, sandals etc………

Konfidence @Gfdw

Fashion events and shows like fashionistaGH shopping festival, the Fawohodei Trunk Show, Rythmz on the Runway, Fashion Talk Shop, Glitz Africa Fashion Week, Ghana Fashion and Design Week, Legon Fashion Week etc have and are still being organized to showcase some of these beautiful designs.They are very good platforms for Ghana to show to the world what it is capable off, good avenue for fashion designers to showcase their designs to people who attend these events and an opportunity for people who attend these events to meet the designers personally and buy their products at affordable prices.
@Ghana Fashion and design week

@Ghana Fashion and design week

 I am glad that the print industry has risen again and I hope it has come to stay because that is what will define us and enable us build a strong fashion industry. I want to see more of these fashion shows and events that will elevate the standards of the fashion industry in Ghana.

photocredit: Bernard  Yaw Ashiadey 
Salvador Olele Sarpong @thelordseye photography

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