You don’t really need to jet off to an island to enjoy a true vacation. You can have it right where you are, you only need to find that one spot that gives you all the relaxation you need. Our fav stylist shares with us her weekend stay at Archers court Ayi Mensah.


So I got up today excited and looking forward to having to leave home to spend time with hubby. In a short time our marriage has been blessed with a child and it seemed like everything has happened so fast, so many celebration parties have been planned, we always have something to share, I feel like we haven’t had quality time for ourselves, so you can imagine my joy, I was beyond the moon that we were going to be spending 3 nights away at Archers View Courts a lovely getaway spot downtown.

Tick… Tock…. 6 pm, I had all the bags packed and ready, ok I was minimal, lol, had only 4 bags, my favorite ZARA handbag in tow while my metrosexual hubby ensured his items were packed in his Gucci travel bag, did I mention that I had my bestie Grace Dorcas in tow (since we were getting a 3 bedroom, all ensuite apartment, with dining space, fully equipped kitchen & living room space,) to help babysit our son, Huey, however I did not intend to bump into her often, sorry girl! this was strictly my baecation. So we arrived at our spot by 7 pm, tired didn’t describe how we felt, after a long day plus the 30 minutes drive that turned into 1 hour because of the notorious Madina market traffic, well let’s just say, we went straight to bed as soon as they had our bags in the apartment.

I got up first to the chirping birds behind our window, I think what’s most obvious about Archers View Courts is the serene environment, its not a commonplace these days, anyway hubby & I had a walk around the entire Court, of course there were several other apartments with guests lodged in it, it just felt good to breathe in fresh air.

We got back and I had to make breakfast, remember I mentioned earlier it’s a self-service apartment, so you either bring in your groceries use the directory helpline to order from various food stores with nos, by the time I was done with my near perfect culinary skills in the kitchen I had an array of English breakfast prepared, scrambled eggs, bread, fried yam, sliced avocado pear, coffee all arranged on the front porch.

After breakfast, we cuddled up on the love couch to movies- “Wizard of Lies” & “hotel Artemis” and sipped on our wine whilst I flipped through Instagram with the free WIFI provided by AVC, you can’t be too far away from the gram in my line of work, * side eye* before you tell me how I’m not supposed to have my phone on, on a baecation.
So the movies finished early enough for me to get in the kitchen to prepare our delicious #GhanaianJollof & Fried Rice mixed with seafood served with more wine (note that the apartment has chef service delivery should you be interested) we ate to our fill and we danced the night away on our slightly intoxicated bodies entwined into one silhouette against the evening stars.


It’s our wedding Anniversary and We slept in so late, don’t ask me the naughty things we were up to, got up almost noontime, fixed us a simple breakfast, by this time my inner blogger DNA was charged to create contents for my blog post, I took loads of photos, got around to editing while hubby watched movies, the AVC management had suggested a massage treatment, but we had to cut our visit short because hubby got called for a work meeting the perks of being married to a workaholic.

I do look forward to another stay at Archers View Courts, it’s a beautiful, serene environment perfect for weekend and holiday getaways oh and the workers were all courteous, you can book them on and follow them on social media @archersviewcourts

Thank you for reading all questions care welcomed.

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