Searching for a craft school where you can learn how to design?ABM Art Intergrate is here to help you…

About ABM Art Intergrate

ABM Art Integrate. It is craft school that’s really broad. The only difference is it excludes cloth design. It covers areas like bag, shoes, neckpieces, bracelets, bangles, packaging boxes, bags and labels, interior artifacts such as mirror design, furniture design etc. made from with leather, African print, beads and twine etc., Macramé art and a few more: hence the name Art INTEGRATE . The general idea is to teach how to design and create artifacts art lovers have dreamt of learning and producing. 

The Craft school offers 2 to 3 month art courses where one can combine or choose to do the courses one after the other. They also talk to students when they choose their courses and advise on which combinations are preferably the best.
interested? contact them on the following lines :


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