AfroMod is a contemporary, Ghanaian womenswear brand featuring ready-to-wear afro-fusion outfits and luxury bespoke garments. Vibrant, intense and effortlessly elegant, the new collection of AfroMod; Painted Flowers shines with a thousand shades. The bold patterns recall a vivacious nod to the grace and strength of femininity emphasized also by the delicate detailing of pearls helping to make each creation even more sublime.

The collection is characterized by sequinned African inspired fabrics rendered also in silk and chiffon. Flowered headbands and the bold colour palette add a touch of reverence to Frida Kahlo; an artist of immense talent and a strong, independent character by whom the collection is inspired.

Painted flowers is a vivid representation of a woman who knows how to dress for effect with a style which sets her apart.
At AfroMod, we are renowned for our wide range of stylish and affordable afro-fusion womenswear. The unique blends we bring to our collections help us stand out from the crowd. We pride ourselves on being the best store to pick ready-to-wear African inspired clothing as well as bespoke garments.

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