Thank God its Friday! Like i promised here’s my style for the weekend. For today’s look I decided to go all black with a touch of yellow.I received this yellow Kimono for free from the Afro Centric urban clothing and design brand Afro Volf. 
Kimono is a Traditional Japanese garment, the word “Kimono” actually means a”thing to wear”. I love how this Kimono acts as the perfect cover up. Its very comfortable and can be styled in so many different ways I must add finally its very affordable. I got these shades at Oxford Street Osu, for a good price.
  This Side of the office is my relaxation spot. I always take a quick break whenever I’m stressed out. 
 Laid back Friday, how I wish my weekend was same. Looking forward to a very packed weekend unavoidable quick naps during my crazy weekend schedules is assured. 
Why are weekends so short? Is it true they were made in china?lol have a good weekend guys and thanks for stopping by.
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Photography by @NanaPoku


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