Ghanaian fashion label Alikoto Clothing launched their  new Capsule collection for  Josef Otten a customized high fashioned fabric. Alikoto Clothing is a brand that combines wax print, ankara, kente, cotton, silk, chiffon, satin and velvet to create unique and authentic designs for those who want to bring definition to their wardrobe.  We love their new collection and decided to share with you! 
Take a peak and tell us what you think.

Alikoto Clothing for Josefotten. ACJO4 symbolizes Naba; the unquestionable goddess, she makes defiance a trend to stick to  
Alikoto Clothing for Josefotten. ACJO5 symbolizes Atete, goddess of fertility
AlikotoClothing for Josefotten. There are goddesses and there are goddesses. ACJO3 symbolizes Leza: the supreme goddess, the one who bends even kings
Alikoto Clothing for Josefotten. ACJO1 symbolizes Yemoja, giver of life. With a look so riveting it gives you life.
AlikotoClothing for Josefotten. ACJO2 symbolizes Doreema, queen goddess, bleeding beauty and commanding attention

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Photographer: Gerald Nartey

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