Trends may slip on and off the style radar but the most essential pieces should always be present in your wardrobe. And this is where Alikoto Clothing makes its mark as one of the most worthy brands in the fashion world. Grandeur laced with variety and style need not be limited to feminine designer brands and expensive designer brands. A flair for putting together and pulling off the most sleek and unique styles denote a penchant for functionality, style and class.

Alikoto Clothing is all about creating modern pieces fused with traditional African elements.
It is a unique brand that caters for both men and women. The brand consists of the best fabric, designs and styling on the market. Their focus   is to provide casual/contemporary clothing that is exclusive, well-fitted and coupled with flawless finishing that gives off an aura of poise and gracefulness.
The first collection was D’kan collection. D’kan in Akan means “to take the lead”. It was a collection aimed at people who want to bring life to their wardrobe.

Followed by the Male Lookbook; a collection where  African prints were  fused with other fabrics to show versatility; incorporating detail, quality and colour coordination to give off an air of uniqueness.
There is more to be expected from Alikoto Clothing. A new bespoke service ‘Papel a la vida’ which means ‘paper to life’ will be introduced soon and look forward to Alikoto’s fabulous female collection
Alikoto Clothing, spinning fabric to life

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