Zedicross is a Ghanaian clothing line that is dedicated to provide unique made in Ghana clothes and accessories that make a statement. The  evolution begun when Juliet met her partner Yaw in school, by then  she had her clothing line by name ZEDI whiles her partner had his label CROSS, their passion to create something  spanking new and fresh led both to  form an alliance and this  saw the outdooring of  their baby *ZEDICROSS*
  Nothing comes easy in this world as ZEDICROSS  was faced with some challenges which included commitment from both sides, getting access to constant supply of materials amongst others, but through it all they have worked their way out and have not regretted taking that step since. Thus the saying, two heads are better than one, and it takes two to tango. Together they stand hand in hand, with the passion and drive to make ZEDICROSS a success.From Juliet, a partner of Zedicross point of view “Fashion in Ghana right now is like the goose that lays golden eggs, feed it right and you are in for a fortune.”Her favorite designers’ Kofi Ansah and Kimmora lee Simons, both inspired her art, and have ever since being her mentors. She stated that (ZEDICROSS) have plans of going international in the near future and is sure to take the world by storm. 

Have u heard of Zedicross? Have you seen their designs?  Visit their page on facebook ZEDICROSS to see their colorful designs. Order online or visit TCE, on the Atomic road just opposite TF hostels or the Orange Bloom boutique located on the Spintex road.


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