The Barkers – Woode brand embodies a minimalist aesthetic. Each garment is made up of clean lines and an essence of timelessness. It is inspired by world history and generations of women. Androgynous artworks play on the mixture of masculinity and femininity.


The Wild Moon’s jewelry collection lies on the border of fine jewelry and nature-inspired and industrial aesthetic of everyday jewelry. Elegance and tribal sensibility in her design are achieved through the incorporation of 100% recycled and eco-friendly Fine Silver with Brass, Semi-precious stones and 14k gold nuggets.


A various of creative and African descent influencers are photographed and filmed, in both designers recent collections, a series of questions that speak specifically to the black youth of today. Each influencer plays a big role in our community honing the title as an activist. 


All of this inspiration has sparked our campaign of “New Africa” – an interpretation of the shift of stereotypical ideology of African fashion to a modern day look. 


The fashion presentation takes place on September 23, 2016 in Toronto, ON, Canada with stagnant models in Barkers-Woode and Wild Moon jewellery. The room covered in muslin and canvases will depict the street art of our movement.

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