This is a new segment on the blog which focuses on celebrities who’s hairstyles are always on point. i mean whether they wear  it short, long, weave, natural, locks  or permed  they always look  good and  to some extent keep us from detecting bad hair seasons.

Our first hairstyle icon is “drumroll please” ……… Rebecca Acheampong simply  known as Becca.  A very talented songstress who has hit us with some wonderful  tunes like  “African woman, No Away, Daa ke Daa , Push, Time For Me”amongst others . What qualifies her to be our first hairstyle icon ? 

The elegant singer transited  from permed her to natural hair and looks so FAB, another style that looks good on her anytime are braids, these  two hair trends are just perfect. Her ability to style and maintain her  hair by hairstyle or her stylist makes it so refreshing to look at. She always keeps it simple thus gradually convincing me to keep my hair natural. 

From  her, i get the impression that natural hair is not too difficult  to keep after all because Becca makes look so easy.  The No Away singer is  one of few female celebrities who are able to maintain simple looks every time and I think it’s a plus , after all easy does it. 
The photos below were  culled from her 
Facebook page:BeccaMusic 
Instagram : @BeccAfrica

 You can follow her for more updates..

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