On the 21st of June 2014, Kaya Energy Bar bloomed with colour as Bello|Edu previewed their debut collection. Kaya Energy Bar & Design, a lifestyle concept of blending a bar, raw food restaurant and designer show room served as the venue for the preview party. The Head Designer of Bello|Edu and Co-Founder, introduced the collection and explained the creative inspiration behind the collection. ‘We drew inspiration from the blossoming of a seed with the right care and nurture into a full- petaled flower’, she said; as she compared the growth of her company and the emergence of the collection to a well-nursed flower. ‘We at Bello|Edu decided it was time to show the world how we’ve blossomed through this collection that just started as an idea, hence the rational behind the bright colours, patterns, flowery fabric and naming this collection ‘The Bloom’

The look book for this collection has been featured on their website as well as an online store where purchases can be made and contact information. 
You will get more information on their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.

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