This collection is about a woman who has risen through her challenges to become the best version of herself. Each piece in the collection is a visual representation which depicts the woman’s Reflections. Here’s a breakdown of the details that make up the collection.

The brick skirt

In deliberately trying to construct something beautiful, some of the bricks may fall off and break; needing to be replaced by new ones to finally materialize what we set out to build. This is the same concept behind the brick skirt – picking up the broken pieces of whatever you have gone through and rebuild yourself to pursue your greatness.

The boss chick white blouse

White signifies victory and purity. Our boss chick is confident and self – assured and stands out – having evolved and refined through her pain. Thereby emerging victorious.

The Flower shift dress

Flowers represents freshness and love. Our evolving woman is charming and refreshing. Sharing this with those who are lucky to encounter her. And she knows when to let her hair down in order to refill her empty cup and bloom again.


The Bar Graph / Staircase  dress

The bar graph is used to track progress of a project overtime; be it a positive or negative growth. Our woman reflects on her journey daily. Appreciating both the good and bad days and learning from the negatives.

The Audre Lorde black blouse

Audre means noble strength. She was born on 18th February 1934 and was a feminist who fought against racial issues and injustice towards women. Her charisma and strength paved way for a lot of women. Our evolving woman is strong and passionate about her work, and purpose driven. Breaking barriers to make her community better with each effort she puts in.

The Alpha Dress

Our alpha woman is ambitious and a leader. She is talented and highly motivated in her purpose. Standing out among the multitude.She never goes unoticed. Even at her lowest, she always surmounts the strength to push forward.

Bygail is a contemporary Ghanaian fashion brand aimed at defining the 21st century woman. Each of our designs tells a story of great women in our society.

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