I don’t know how to paint or sketch but I love the Arts, always fascinated by vibrant colors infused in sketches that transcends the understanding of the regular person. I fall in love with things that are almost unusual to accept the reality of its existence. My love for the Arts was rekindled this weekend; it was simply awesome as Accra Dot Alt attempt to revive the arts once again was a huge success. Chalewote street art festival was the event and James town was the venue. From the old Kingsway building through the customs service office to the lighthouse there was a whole lot of events happening at the same time, offering attendees varieties to choose from. 
   I started my journey from the old Kingsway building where the walls were painted depicting artistic Graffiti. The graffiti’s on the wall were done by artists from NMA and David Bertmann.
 To my left was the Absolut Vodka bar and to my right were the Dj’s that were spinning great tunes.   Next stop was the Ussher fort, this fort for years served as a correctional Centre for some time till the prisoners were transferred to other prisons. 
A quick tour into the facility revealed how inmates lived, all laid down in ruins. There were people from other countries exhibiting their art in the fort.  There, I met my friend Wini Adom from Frame14 studio who was hosting the cool Accra Segment and yeah “ACCRA is COOL”.
       Follow me to Mantse Agbonaa, I met so many friends from Facebook, twitter, instagram, readers and followers of my blog. Exchanged hellos and his and hugs I think that was a memorable re union. There were exhibitors who bought stands to showcase their beautiful designs ranging from clothes to accessories. Food vendors were also present to provide services to patrons that were hungry. The kids were taking through some creative art workshops by German Artist Meyrick Kaminski hosted at GAMADA building. 
       Quick review of the second day, it rained cats and dogs for some minutes, kids in the neighborhood decided to play football in the rain whiles others were just running up and down the street virtually naked. 
There was also a boxing match between boys in the hood and it was quite impressive, to the little boy who cried when he was knocked out, you are a hero! .  How could I forget the masqueraders, that was cool and the men who walked on sticks were totally amazing, our Angel on a Wheel Abrakwah deserves an award! Finally the golden and blue man who walked in slow motion from Ussher fort to the lighthouse, such grace you carried even when it rained I described that as royalty. 
  Later in the evening the festival was taken to the beach for a live concert. We jammed to performances by Gyedu Blay Ambuley , The lady from Washington Dc , Yawp and Delasi . I couldn’t stay to enjoy the whole show but my sources confirmed it was fun and my buddy Kojo-Cue nailed his performance!  Didn’t loose sight of the presence of Wanluv, Sister Debbie, Gasmilla, Mutombo the poet, and Blogging Ghana members. I had to rush through the post so you could enjoy scrolling through photos from the two-day event. I will do well caption some of the photos.  I hope to see you next year God willing at Jamestown. It was very exciting meeting everyone; if I couldn’t make you out or take a photo with you, forgive me it was an awesome event.  

Nii okai Djarbeng (Lightville photography) :
Philip Ackah Edeafour(Edeafour photography) :
Nii odzenma Photography :
Apag studios :
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