She creates the beauty contents we love to see. We had a chit chat with beauty influencer and content creator Lerny Lomotey on content creation and more.

TNB: Tell us about Lerny Lomotey.

LL: Lerny Lomotey is the ever bubbly, multi-talented nonconformist

TNB: What don’t we know about you?

Thinking hard! Nothing actually! It’s all out there hahahaha

TNB: How did beauty content creation start for you?

I was looking at how I could give more of myself in transferring knowledge while doing what I love to do. Being a makeup artist, I was excited about helping/teaching people to enhance their already 100% beauty.

Tnb: What’s being a Ghanaian beauty content creator like?

I hope I’m able to exhaust this question because there are a few different angles to it. In recent times it’s been more rewarding, some brands and individuals have perfectly understood the job while others are yet to catch the vibe. I’m elated to see the growing number of beauty content creators as time goes by, that sense of community is satisfying. It’s difficult keeping up with the international beauty community especially when it comes to product launches since the products may delay weeks/months before reaching me and when it comes everyone else has moved from it. I patiently await the time international brands start shipping to Ghana!

TNB : Would you say Ghanaians are supportive, especially in your content creation space?

Hmmmm! Let me just say that we all can do a little more than we already are in supporting our own. There’s a lot of room for improvement.

TNB: What are some of the challenges you’ve faced, how did you get over them and successes chalked?

Being a beauty content creator in Africa is already a challenge, considering my fellow creators the world over are earning more. I also feel like the growth and acceptance is slower in our world. It’s sometimes disheartening but pushing through with hope. Once I’m able to churn out content despite the odds, it’s fulfilling.

TNB: What one makeup product can’t you live without.


TNB:What’s the future like for Lerny Lomotey

I wish I knew God’s detailed plans for me! Haha,

The future is greatness, by God’s Grace


TNB: Inspire someone with a quote today?

Bring your fire to your game! Let your uniqueness burst forth! It’s not a competition, SOAR! 💫 -Lerny Lomotey

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