Writer: Teiko Nartey – Khama

Luxury Ghanaian fashion brand, Christie Brown, over the weekend premiered their Spring/Summer collection via a virtual show. Prior to the premiere on Saturday, the 6th of June, a wave of anticipation swept over fashion lovers and fans of the brand with fashion influencers and enthusiasts such as Afua Rida, Aku Akuffo, Debbie Beeko, Sacha Okoh, Hayet Rida sharing their invitations on their social media platforms – sharing their excitement.

The premiere, which started with a live session on Instagram, was hosted by versatile storyteller and actress, Maame Adjei, who was beautifully dressed in a gold statement piece from the collection – started with danceable tunes played by one of the finest Dj’s in the country, DJ Loft of Yfm at the flagship store of the brand, only pausing to enable Maame have brief conversations with fashion luminaries, lovers and friends who have been with the brand since its inception, to share their experience with the brand, share their thoughts on how the African fashion scene can pivot in the face of the pandemic.

The live session ended after conversations with personalities like Omoyemi Akerele of Lagos fashion week and Style house flies, Claudia Lumor of Glitz Africa, brand Strategist and fashion Influencer, Hayet Rida, actor, Marie Humbert and longtime friends of the brand Francis Poku and Femi Adetola who also happens to be a co – owner Of Sandbox Beach Club and the first model of the brand.

The offline premiere then commenced on YouTube with the creative director of the brand, Aisha Ayensu welcoming us and sharing the story behind the collection. She said, “I had initially designed a collection themed ‘Back to the future’, this whole Jetson’s futuristic vibe. Little did we know there was a whole pandemic on the horizon, one that was gonna force us all to stay put and be still. I did a lot of introspection and self – evaluation, it however exposed the imbalances and injustices of our society –especially where black people are concerned”. This last part of her statement obviously speaking to the resurgence of the killing of black people in America, which has led to mass protests all over the country. Touching on our resilience as a people and the role of Christie Brown, she continued, “But people are motivated. People are motivated to act and act on what they know is right. For us, it’s very important that the brand remains an example of our resilience, our pride, and our heritage and our identity. Our commitment is to showing the world the many layers of the African’’.

On the collection, she said, “this collection is a medley of all the many elements that makes you you. From your hard exterior, to the softness at your core, to the finesse with which you navigate life no matter what it throws at you”.

The clothes displayed consisted of pieces with exaggerated or bold shoulders, colorful prints, wax prints, batiks and whisky fabrics of sexy, smart casual and office looks. In true Christie Brown fashion, their signature corset embroidery featured in the collection.

The brand partnered with Sandbox Beach Club for the unveiling. The club did not only host the photo shoots and runway show but also delivered to its social media partners a nicely packaged box with an assortment of branded menus.

Watch the full clip below.




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