Christie Brown’s Fall/Winter 2020 collection edits are here and we love to see it. This brand has remained consistent in designing and producing top notch luxury designs which are visually appealing. In October the brand visually premiered their look book on IG, which was simply a delight to watch. An experience that would linger on the minds of fashion lovers for a long time; this is the kind of innovation we love. We’ve decided to show you some stunning images from their collection! scroll below


Christie Brown stands uniquely as a womens apparel and accessories manufacturer and retailer, with pieces ranging from beautiful bespoke gowns to practical yet statement ready-to-wear pieces and innovative accessories primarily inspired by African culture and art. The clothes and accessories have made a bold statement, painting runways with a fusion of colour and culture, fit for the contemporary African woman.

I’m sure you’re in love with everything as well.

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