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If you are a fashion lover, you know there are certain luxuries that you sometimes can’t afford; that is if you are pressed for money. Ever watched the shopaholic movie? Drowning in debt due to chronic shopping is quite extreme but my point is it’s very freeing to be thrifty. Not only do you get to save and make investments for yourself, (no I’m definitely not saying be stingy), it can also help as an emergency cushion for your health and wellness. In order to stay on budget and still pull off a great look, we all can try some Fashion DIYs.
Fashion DIY (Do-It-Yourself)
According, to Urban dictionary, the acronym, DIY is generally a term for craftsmanship, cottage industry or crafts in designing usually hand-made and original fashion designs. There are different projects one can undertake for making clothes from scratch or for reuse. DIYs have come to stay considering the technological age we find ourselves in. One can learn just about anything bordering on different subject matters and Fashion DIYs are no exception. Quite recently we’ve seen the emergence of various trendy styles from crop tops, kimonos, cute pouches, to beaded flip flops and scrunchies or African print hair bands. You can pimp just about anything and make them look cool. Here are a few DIY projects on kimonos, crop tops, African print hair bands and tote bags.

Kimonos no-sew
Remember that huge scarf in your wardrobe you’ve been wondering what to do with? Or better still thinking of cutting into two because it’s ginormous? Well, here’s how to make a big boring scarf come alive!



Crop top
The name speaks for itself. So go ahead and crop the top. Make sure though that it is not a short top (a big T-shirt would do) or you may end up ruining it.

Hair bands
For our naturalistas, you’ve found that rubber bands do your hair no good. You can make your own protective bands from any kente piece or African print fabric or a short scarf and elastic bands.

Tote bags
Turn your old t-shirt into a tote bag. It can serve as a carrier bag for your groceries and for the artists a bag for your paint brushes.

Definition of Fashion DIYs.
Easy no sew DIY Clothing Hacks that anyone can do.
No sew kimono tutorial.
Recycle your T-shirt into a no sew Tote bag.

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