I’ve been styling A to D list celebrities for  years now but one thing that never gets old is the pressure and anxiety that comes with it.

Preparing for a red carpet event for my clients is like super super crazy. Those are the times you see me literally running and driving around from fashion houses to boutiques to jewellery shops like my life depends on it… and usually it does.

I believe it’s my keen eye for fashion trends and attention to the smallest details that has brought me to this current status as a celebrity stylist. However, celebrity styling is a business built on good relationship and my personality is what has helped me sail through till now.

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A stylist usually has a month or a week or just three to four days to pull together a look for a celebrity. Sometimes it’s just a day, sometimes it’s tomorrow. Sometimes it’s ‘I have an event tonight, can you make it happen?’ You’ve got to have about three go-to designers on standby every time. you’ve got to figure out how to make this happen on very limited time.

Early on, I start working with many designers and build a skeleton plan for the red carpet events. I can only feel relaxed if I’ve secured about three to four designers, two makeup artists and two hairstylist  per client in place. Trust me when I say anything can happen last minute so I usually have my plan B to C on speed dial.

I later pull extra clothes and accessories like shoes, Jewellery and cluthes from shops and boutiques just for plan D.

Items can also be bought if the client wants to keep them. Most clothing or jewelry shops will want you to leave a deposit or credit card details in case the garment or accessory becomes damaged while on loan.

Prior to the day of the events, my clients and I can text and call on phone about ten times a day just to make sure everything is set. I share makeup and hair inspiration with the makeup artist and hairstylist and give my clients lots of options to choose from.

I try to prep all the clothes the night before a fitting. I run around in town with about 5 or more big gowns or garments in the car on the day of fitting. I remember I once did fitting as early as 4 A.M because a client had to make an impromptu travel that very morning.

Every stylist has a go-to Tailor. Fortunately for me I went to fashion school and have good knowledge about garment construction. Garments are usually rented or we have them custom made to suit the clients personality or event.  A rented garment is usually permanent or temporary and that depends on the deigner. If the rented garment is temporary it means not much alterations can be done to it or it can be altered perfectly in a way that the initial style is not distorted. If it’s permanent, we are allowed to go a long way to change the style of the dress to make it look custom made.

That said, wardrobe malfunctions sometimes need fixing on the fly. When you’re backstage of red carpet events, it’s such a sight to see top stylists and designers move from cubicle to cubicle looking for needle and thread or duck tapes to fix Wardrope malfunctions. I have had insistences where a dress ripped or boobs came out early on in my career. I once had to sew a client into a dress for an award show. In worst scenarios I had to glue a client into a dress. That was a bummer and a shocker. Because of this I always make sure I have my styling kit with me no matter what. My kit has everything you could possibly need. I have my sticky tape; I have my nipple covers, sticky boobs, extra heel support, needle and thread, lint roller, pins. You never know what is going to happen.

Before they step onto the red carpet I make sure to ease them up with lots of chats to take away any form of nervousness or anxiety. Trust me when I say I know that feeling you get once you’re on the red carpet. No matter how many times you’ve been there, there’s always this annoying butterfly that gets into the stomach.

Seeing my clients happily and glamorously on the red carpet is always a thrilling moment for me. The drama we go through is worth it after all once we win best dressed on the red carpet… and we always do.

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