What if you could wear the love you felt on your sleeves, or see the love you received hugging your skin tightly? That is what we intended with this series dubbed Cupid Marks.

February is the month of love, especially on the 14th. Sometimes, love is described as a warm feeling that totally envelopes us, as is the case of the models in these shots.

The artist sought to visualize this all important, though sometimes unseen feeling of warmth and closeness that being in love or feeling romantic and even platonic love brings to the receiver. Be it a hot kiss or a friendly peck, love is in the air, ready to be given and received and to be shared.

Hopefully, yours would be as visible as that of the model! Happy season of love!

Photographer and Retoucher @phloshop
Assistant Photographer @iamjunie07



Makeup artist

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