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Hey, Trendsetters! Wow, how time flies. It’s the end of the year already. I bring good tidings and season’s greetings to you all.
First of all, let me say this; I really fancy the new trends in menswear! Back then, clothes men wore were (I’m sure in that era they were desirable) according to social classes. So the more stylish men looked, the more it determined their class or caliber. ”In the 1700s, upper-class men wore suits with long socks and top hats.” The middle class could afford a few outfits here and there – classy or scrubby. The lower class wore worn-out clothes that didn’t have much color. Therefore, the only men I suppose who really cared enough to own extremely stylish clothing were affluent.

There’s a preconceived notion that men don’t have the yen for style, fashion trends let alone shopping, (like women do). Men are simple, not to say they don’t care about their appearance… (They do). In fact even how they see colors are different from women. (White is just white not off-white or eggshell or any other variation. lol)

Despite this, men’s sense of style too has evolved. Some decades back, it pretty much seemed menswear was limited to dark colors like black, blue, brown, grey and any other boring colors. Men are now breaking the rules and shifting barriers with vibrant colors and fashionable outfits. Whether it’s just for a casual occasion or a formal one you’d find men looking snazzy and dapper. The dapper man’s style shouldn’t necessarily be extravagant. You can totally be classy on a low budget! Here’s a style guide to being A Dapper man!!
3Pointers to dressing dapper
♦ Seek style advice from various search engines, fashion blogs and style magazines.( we could give you a list of dapper men to follow)
♦ Find some style icons that suit your style
♦ Work with a budget

How to dress dapper: the modern age man


Know your body type too. It’s essential to pick out the right clothing that suits you well. Most men wear shirts a size bigger very lose. Find a tailor who can alter clothes that one size bigger. Not just alter but make that 3pcs suit for ya (he should be that good). Dapperness counts for everything.

  • suits
  • wear suits for formal occasions
  • (graduations, banquets, weddings, etc

When accessorizing especially with suits wear a necktie that matches the color of your suit. (Not necessarily having the same color as your suit though). Most importantly, belts and suspenders can’t be worn together since the two serve the same purpose. Wear long ties with suspenders or a bow tie in lieu of that. Most suspenders and ties for formal events are black. Colorful bow ties can be worn to say a wedding but suspenders should always be neutral.steppin’ in style

  • vintage shoes are trendy ; oxfords,the derby, loafers, monk straps chukka and dress boots give a nice touch to nailing your modern formal look.
  • birkenstocks, vans, toms, are matched with
  • casuals .

Fedora hats are also trending lately.

Throw on one of these hats and hip-up your look.
I hope this guides you to dress classy and dapper.

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