At the age of three, Sarah knew she wanted to be a fashion designer. According to her, she knew that because she was in love with Eric Foster in Days of Our Lives. she did everything possible by looking through catalogs and magazines, getting to know already existing designers and tried to sketch out some designs.
She attended North Ridge Lyceum in Accra, Ghana, and continued at Holy Child School, Capecoast. During the year break before university, she went to Vogue Style Fashion School in Osu to learn how to sew. She then made it to Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.
She says she never had the confidence to sew for people. All she wanted to do was design the clothes and probably cut the patterns. But she realized to start she had to learn to sew. she started sewing for herself in university, until people started asking for things she wore. Since people liked the stuff she did she decided to sew for others too and make some money.
When she started out, she looked for a name for my clothes; she named it zazz, but as time went on people started referring to her clothes as Sarah Christian, so she decided to make it official.
“Each design I make has to have an international flare added to the local structure. The African print has a lot of variety so I love using them for my designs.”
She is inspired by anything possible. She could have one idea in mind and make so many changes and adjustments in her head and then draw them on paper. She says she can get about 20 designs from one idea but would not make it until she sees someone who fits into it.
 She has fun designing, no matter what it is from bags, to polo shirts, to belts, to bangles and no matter how tired she is how tired she is, nothing can get her off designing, until she finishes.
The future for Sarah Christian is to widen the retail scope for clients. To open, many stores everywhere and anywhere in the world so when new pieces are introduced it could storm out everywhere.

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