Written by Penny

The Modeling Industry as glamorous as it looks may not be the ultimate career for every young lady. It is quite a saturated industry which is still budding especially on this side of the world. A lot of people especially girls with appreciable height, pretty face & great skin feel they will survive in the modeling industry, however, this might not be what they really want to do. Maybe all these perfect qualities are meant to be pushed into something else, other avenues like being a coach, managing models, etc..

Seeing someone succeed in the modeling career doesn’t mean you will automatically bear the same fate, maybe your success lies somewhere, not modeling. As an individual, you don’t have to be swayed by the glitz, glamor, and fame that may be associated with the field. You must assess yourself, weigh your chances of survival in the field and get expert advice if possible before aspiring to be a model.

Source: DSG Model Management

One thing you must know is it’s not easy for all the big shots that are already making it, coupled with those who aim to get there so if you don’t have that thing which will distinguish you from what has already been seen, you will just be a “Waka pass”.

To strive to be unforgettable in the modeling industry, you must aim at leaving a mark, on and a great still lasting impression. What’s the use of a tree if it bears no fruit, it becomes utterly useless; You don’t want to be a model who is seen as a model by just herself or himself.

Modeling isn’t the only thing that’s possible, a lot of professions also make sense. Make your choice count, choose right!