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Ghanaian beauty brand, Evita Joseph, has unveiled its Genesis Eye Brush Collection, the first of its kind in Ghana. Designed by elite makeup artist Evita Joseph, she recognized the unavailability of quality eye brushes on the Ghanaian beauty market hence the inception of the Genesis Brush Collection. Amped with the desire to see Ghanaian women excel at personal makeup application, she put her experience derived from makeup artistry into carefully designing the collection.

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The Genesis Eye Brush Collection is a 9 piece brush set consisting of 8 individual eye brushes and a pouch. The brushes are of superior quality and come in a dark chocolate brown handle with rose gold ferrule. The brushes are cruelty free with a number of the bristles being synthetic and vegan friendly. The collection is suitable for both the makeup professional and the everyday woman who wants to apply makeup the right way.


The brushes from the collection will be sold individually as well as in sets. The sets are designed for those who do not wish to purchase the entire set but still want to have a select few based on their needs. The different sets are the Genesis Basic Set, the Genesis Pro Set and the Genesis Blend Set.

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In her words “It feels great to empower my fellow woman by providing them with quality tools and accessories which can aid them in their every day makeup routine”


The Evita Joseph Genesis Eye Brush Collection becomes available to the public from Monday 26th September, 2015. Pre-order the entire set now for 10% discount and have it delivered to you. BLENDER SET basic set

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