Where would you be from the 1stto 3rd of May? If you don’t have plans yet, here’s an event you can schedule on your calendars. Imagine having to shop at discounted prices from all your favourite brands at one location  Well, 3 days of extreme shopping from diverse brands all around the country? Yes! Yes! The annual FGH shopping festival is returning this may at trade fair this time not the Event Haven rather the Marquee (Air conditioned Tent) next to pavilion A and here are five(5) reasons why YOU must be there…….

1. Meet new friends: I don’t think I have missed any edition of the fghshopping festival and at every event there is this huge out of the blue reunion. You get to meet friends from JHS, SHS, University and all others from every corner of the earth. Yes it’s like the funky version of old school reunion. You’d be sure to meet one or two old friends you lost contact with.

2. Buy at discount prices: What’s shopping with discounts? If it’s not free it definitely has to be at a discount. You could be assured of 10%, 20% or 30% off so get ready to enjoy your shopping experience. Don’t we all love discounts? Then you must be there!!!

3. Join the cool kids zone: Haha! you know that thing when there’s a special event going on and there is a section of individuals tweeting about it with some pretty cool hashtags? Ahah! I call them cool kids,they are everything. They are on top of every issue and are adequately represented at almost every “Deebee”(cool) event. Well, consider attending Fashionistagh shopping festival and join the club.

4. Get empowered: Somehow attending this event will inspire you. You get to see so many young people making it in their own small ways. You will certainly feel inspired to probably start a business of your own.

5.Have fun!!!:  Yeah lot’s of them. You get to eat from a variety of food and drinks, a whole lot of combos from exceptional food vendors. You get to enjoy in-house music by funky Dj’s and oh, you get to have free photoshoot sessions too! How cool is that? If i missed out on any obvious reason kindly add it to the list by dropping it in the comment session.
See you there!

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