I embrace  trends as they unfold in our society, one which is swiftly gaining grounds in our society is the natural hair culture. most ladies have decided to go natural for various reasons.there have been soo many questions lingering on my mind when it comes to the natural hair trend.Therefore i decided to interview a friend who seemed to have answers to most questions i have always wanted to ask and i found it quite exciting that she’s been keeping her hair for awhile now and it looks great. I personally have my hair permed at the moment but if ever I’d want to go natural, you would be the first to know. Here are some few answers to some questions i asked her.

TnbGh: Tell me more about Naa.!
AFD:I am a simple yet complicated young Ghanaian woman ready to take on the world. I love volunteering, blogging, making video tutorials, 1taking care of my hair(of course!!!)reading, travelling, eating and sleeping.
TnbGh:How did u come up with the name AfroDiva Nally?
AFD:Well I wanted something that would make me feel confident as a woman rocking her natural hair. And for me AfroDiva immediately speaks to the fact that I am of African descent and also directly describes the way I wear and rock my hair. Nally is an acronym from my first and last names.
TnbGh:Before your natural hair, what kind of her did you have on and can u take me down memory lane?
AFD:My hair was relaxed, I didn’t really have a clue that I could take better care of it and not rely on Ghanaian hairdressers.
TnbGh:When did you decide to go natural and what influenced that decision?
 AFD:I was just tired of the burns and scabs from my relaxer. My hair was breaking and had become brittle. A few months later, I had hosted a student from the US in my home who cut all of her hair when she returned to the US.I must say, I was shocked by her decision but my interest in her return to her roots sparked my decision to return to my roots.

TnbGh: Which kind of “big chop” did you go for”?
AFD:I couldn’t handle the transition process. The two different textures made my hair tangle most of the time so I got fed up and cut it off at about 2-3 months.
TnbGh:What was the reaction from friends and family concerning your new lifestyle?
AFD:When I was on campus, it was perfectly fine. My family thinks I’m crazy so it wasn’t a big deal for them.
TnbGh:The assertion that natural hair is Unprofessional still lingers on the minds of a lot of ladies in this country,what do have to say to that?
AFD:I think you can’t really blame us for holding that assertion. An experience I had during an internship proved this assertion to be a fact but this was only in one case. I work in a liberal open minded organization so no one has a problem with my hair as far as I am concerned. There a bit of teasing once in a while but its nothing I can’t handle.

TnbGh:How are your able to maintain the natural hair because I know it’s very difficult especially if your hair is stubborn?
AFD:First of all, I don’t believe natural hair is stubborn. I believe that once you dedicate the time to learn and understand the dynamics of your hair, you are on the track to embracing what is truly yours.No hair is stubborn for that matter.
TnbGh:Is it that expensive to maintain?
AFD:Well it depends on the individual, if you wear your hair in its natural state all the time, your cost will definitely go into deep conditioners, conditioner and shampoos at most. But if you wear, weaves, braids and protective styles often,that can increase your cost. If you go to the salon often to get these done, your cost will also increase. So it really depends on the individual.

TnbGh:You have a YouTube channel, please tell me more about your channel and how do you intend to get you intend to get your message out other ladies who want to go natural?
AFD:Well, when I started researching for information on natural hair, I realized that a lot of these natural hair communities and channels were in the west and they spoke of products and other things which you could not find in Ghana. So with the encouragement from Ghanaianemprezz, I started mine.The channel is basically to share my knowledge and experiences with natural hair so as to help people who have no idea what to do and how to go about it.
TnbGh:Ghanians are slowly beginning to embrace the idea of vlogs (video blogs), any plans on how you intend to get more ladies to get on your channel  and  subscribe?
AFD:Well, I’ll be having a 100+ giveway on my YouTube channel soon and I intend to use this meduim to attract more Ghanaians to the channel. I believe exposure such as this one  will get the message across widely. 

TnbGh:Any favorite quotes in relation to natural hair?
AFD:We didn’t go natural, we returned.
Everyone isn’t going to like your hair. That’s their problem, not yours.
Keep Calm and Love your Natural Hair.
Be natural!!! Be you!!!


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