Ophelia Crossland is a Ghanaian Fashion Brand based in Ghana headed by Mrs. Ophelia Okyere Darko. Over the years she has created a unique brand with her attention to detail, her choice of fabric and her impressive list of clientele. She is a mother of two beautiful girls and a husband to RTV personality Kofi Okyere Darko popularly known as KOD. Ophelia is currently the brand Ambassador of Swarovski West Africa. We had a quick chat with this leading lady to find out more about her, what she’s been up to and what luxury fashion means to her.

TnbGH: Tell us more about Ophelia Crossland.

OC: Ophelia Crossland is a Pan-African fashion Designer, a wife, a mother and someone passionate about the well-being of the African Child.

TnbGH: How long have you been in the fashion industry?

 OC: I’ve been in the fashion industry for 15 years

TnbGH: What was it like starting the brand Ophelia Crossland?

OC: It is more of a family thing. My grandmother was a former Miss Gold Coast, prior to Ghana’s Independence and was also a prominent cloth seller. My mother  has about 40 years of specializing in the sale of fabrics. I’m sure you know about the famous Sarah Fabrics? That is the source of inspiration for what I do. I grew up playing with needles and fabric.

TnbGH: What has been your greatest struggle since your brand was launched and how have you overcome them?

OC:  Being able to use quality materials for my designs, Sometimes I have to import them from outside Ghana. Also, others try to copy my designs but there is always a uniqueness to an Ophelia Crossland piece.

TnbGH: Share with us some wonderful moments.

OC: When clients are excited with the outcome of a dress I design for them, those are wonderful moments for me.

TnbGH: You make very elegant and detailed oriented pieces.What goes into making an Ophelia Crossland piece?

OC:  Selecting of fabrics, putting together accessories to make an Ophelia Crossland finishing unique.

TnbGH: Your husband Kofi Okyere Darko has his brand Nineteen57, how are you both able to combine your creative ideas to support each other’s brand?

OC: I have a very supportive husband. We share ideas to help each other’s clothing line, we are a great team.

TnbGH: Do luxury brands exist in our industry? And what in your own words qualifies a brand as luxurious.

OC: A brand is luxurious when it has a standard and we appreciate the fine elements and details that comes with it. I will say luxury brands exist in our industry. I see growing interest in African fashion industry. Designers now have platforms to showcase their work. We are getting there but there is room for improvement.

TnbGH: You are presently the brand ambassador for Swarovski West Africa, how has the journey been so far and what do you hope to achieve with such partnership?

OC: To be the brand ambassador for Swarovski Ghana, West Africa has been amazing. I have been able to create beautiful designs using the Swarovski crystals and people love it. I participated in the Glitz Africa Fashion Show 2016 where I used Swarovski crystals in designing my pieces. Currently working on a project for Nineteen57 Fashion Show which will be big! We’ll be using Swarovski crystals in my designs so watch out for it. I hope to continue being the brand ambassador and also be able to sell Swarovski crystals here in Ghana.

TnbGH: What’s the future like for Ophelia Crossland?

OC: Expand my clothing line and have branches across the world.

TnbGH: Any word of Advice or Tip for anyone looking to start their own Brand?

OC: They must be creative and hardworking!.


Photography: Xhibit Photography

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Art Direction: Dion Slash Gavin

Editor: Naa Adjeley

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