African Fashion brands are raising the standards of fashion in Africa. Their collections reflects how hard they work to come out with exquisite designs. I had the opportunity to interview Nigerian-Canadian Fashion label Fenix couture. We mainly talked about her recent collection “Ihotu” collection.

TnbGh:Tell me more about the personality behind Fenix couture?
 FC      :I am an ebullient person. It is reflected in everything I do whether in my choice of colors, or in my designs.
 TnbGh:How long have you been designing?
  FC       :For 4 years.
  TnbGh: Fenix couture is a Nigerian Canadian label, how would you describe the acceptance of your label by your target audience in both countries?
    FC      :At the beginning my focus was haute couture; that genre of fashion which refers to the creation of exclusive custom-fitted clothing. I was very successful in that endeavor. I had a wide array of clients from Nigeria, Ghana, and Canada that were willing to pay something more for exclusively designed clothes. However, we decided to take a different tack this year to present to the general public some ready to wear clothes built on my haute couture experience. I have been accepted by a wide spectrum of the public in Canada. I’m about now being introduced to the general Nigerian and Ghanaian markets.

 TnbGh:How many collections have you had so far?kindly take us through.
   FC      :I have just one because I was an Haute Couturist! There was no need for collections when I designed according to customer’s specifications.
 TnbGh:You recently launched your2013 collection” Ihotu”
, Brief us about your current collection.
    FC    :Ihotu means “love” in Idoma. It is a collection that is purposefully rendered in eclectic colours to serve the sartorial needs of women who genuinely love their body.  It is meant to evoke this image of a smart, independent and bold woman who knows what she wants.

TnbGh:What influences your choice of fabric selection?
    FC    : The summer mostly and nature maybe!
TnbGh:What the inspiration behind your collection, especially Ihotu?
 FC   :  The Cherry Blossoms flowers; if you have ever seen them bloom in spring in Washington, you know exactly what I’m talking about. They are a wondrous sight to behold.

TnbGh:How would you define your designs in a word?
     FC   :Smart.

TnbGh:Share with us, some of your challenges since you started your label?
     FC  :I face constant challenges because of my interests and personality.  I try not to be too ahead of the curve. In fashion timing is everything.  When I get too excited by new ideas that pop into my head in constant stream, I keep myself sober knowing that jumping  into each of them may be fatal because there may not be an audience for the concept.


TnbGh:What are the future plans for Fenix couture?
        FC  : We work in the future to be featured in some of the biggest online and physical boutiques in the world.


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