I  am still on the colourful print pattern from the Woodin’s ready to wear fusion collection. These patterns made from Woodin are from the brand’s heritage which has been redrawn in a harmonious mix of African Colors.


The collection contains 30 styles for both men and women.This flare dress from Woodin’s fusion outfit is giving me all sorts of life. It gives me the flare to dance and twirl  just like any normal happy girl would. I’m particularly in love with the pattern designs  that come in with the collection.


The gray patches with a touch of red give me the relaxed yet fierce tone. I also love the simplicity of this dress which fits perfectly and is readily available at all Woodin outlets all over the country and comes in  different sizes, Meaning you can equally walk into any Woodin shop, size up, pay up and voila! you’re good to go.


This outfit could be worn to church, wedding ceremonies amongst others.
Mua: Hamid Vijay.

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