Well if this isn’t the ultimate friendship goals then I don’t know what is? It’s pretty rare to find two best friends running a business together because of obvious reasons “Money issues”. Zainab Balogun x Bolanle Olukanni are however proving to us that besties in business can actually work.

In an Instagram post the ladies revealed:

After months of research, we created a hair experience that offers healthy hair care in a timely manner.


The star of Ebony Life TV‘s Purple Hibiscus Hotel Zainab adds that clients will not need to spend extra long hours at the salon just to get their hair done.

 A2-hour salon trip flat! That’s our promise.

The salon will specialise in the steam-treatment wash and seven stylish weaving options.

Bolanle also adds that they worked with the best in training their hair technicians.

We worked with the best artisans and consultants while training our hair technicians to ensure the best service for every single client.


If this isn’t friendship goals, we don’t know what is!

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