The Annual Glitz Africa fashion week was held last weekend at the plush Kempinksi Hotel Accra. The 4-day event brought together fashion designers, style lovers and fashion-forward individuals from Africa. Here are bits and pieces from what we loved during the show if you missed out on our updates on our Instagram page @Trendsnblendsgh.

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These designers are winners from the Jump on Glitz Fashion competition powered by Busy. I was privileged to be a part of the team that worked on this and I must say I’m impressed with the designs the top 3 finalists came up with considering the brief duration of the project. Please see images below.

  1.  Mellissa Arthur:

Name of collection: “Regalrose”

It’s a collection of hand detailed couture gowns for special occasions. I mostly used the heavy stretchy fabric and a bit of lace and sequins.  The inspiration was drawn from the Chinese lantern flower/plant which brought out most ideas behind the garments and I used the red and gold color scheme because how bright and vibrant the color is, it also a very passionate hue and with details done in gold to add rich royal touches to the collection.

2. Nana Kwaku Agyenim BoatengName of Collection: Transition (transiting from an era of racism to an era of equality)

Name of Collection: Transition (transiting from an era of racism to an era of equality)

Inspiration: Martin Luther King Jr. (Black and White)



Name of Collection

Wild soul


I was greatly inspired by angular shapes and lines. I wanted to incorporate shapes in every garment I made. Duaba Serwaa has also been my source of inspiration. For the painting, I once saw a Van Gogh painting on a denim jacket and I decided to add a touch of that in my collection. The whole idea behind my collection is to project a woman who has a “wild soul”. A woman who is a visionary, a go-getter but still wants to keep up her stylish look. I used denim, embroidered white polish fabric, white beads, a splash of paints and fringes. Denim is a tough woven fabric and under the auspices of my collection, it projects the strong attributes of a woman; her focus, vision, career, and intelligence. The white embroidered fabric and fringes complements her feminine side. Lastly, the splash of paint on the denim brings her artistic taste to life. This collection was made purposely for women who believe in their dreams and wouldn’t settle for anything. Each bit and piece was to push the idea of a fashionable go-getter.

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